Papa’s Games consist of a few games that involve the player to actually think about how to play it. It also provides a lot of thinking skills and remembering the way to make the different foods. It also has music in the background as you play which can help you think of ways to be quicker to serve customers. There are also different restaurants such as a donut shop, a sushi shop, a taco shop, and an ice cream shop! Each game provides a new setting, and a different way of making different foods for the customers. You are also graded on the foods you make which is good feedback for the next customer that decides to place an order. In each of Papa’s Games, the games are filled with fun, knowledge, and anticipation. It provides players to get a sense of knowledge on how certain foods can be made, such as sushi, tacos, donuts, and even a way to create the perfect ice cream order.

The first game that was played is called Papa’s Sushiria. In Papa’s Sushiria, you start off with a trial. They explain how to take the orders, how to create the sushi, and drink, and then how to serve it. The game also shows different percentiles for each step you take so you know how to increase your percentages and get higher tips. It also allows the player to think of time. With the back ground music playing, the player gets a feel that there is a timer and that the food needs to be prepped and cooked real quick otherwise the player may lose that order, receive a bad tip, or even have the customer walk out for taking too long. This game is highly enjoyable.

The next game played was Papa’s Pizzeria. In Papa’s Pizzeria, you work at a pizza shop. You can take the customers orders, create the pizza, bake the pizza, and then cut the pizza and give it to the customer. This game also uses percentiles as it can help you increase your chances of getting a higher tip, and even more stars if the customer keeps returning. The game also has a leader board that allows you to see your ranking score and other players scores. The game is enjoyable, and can be a bit fast paced as you don’t want to loose any customers, or tips.

The third game that was played is called Papa’s CupCakeria. This game is specifically about designing and making cupcakes for customers who have specific requests. The game allows you to take the customers order, than fill the cupcake filters, bake the cupcakes, and then decorate the cupcakes based on what is on the order receipt. You also are able to hand the cupcakes to the customer and get rated based on how well you did prepping the cupcakes, baking, and designing the cupcakes. Just like the other three games, this game allows you to be rated by a percentile. Have a good percentile and you’ll get a good tip and the customer will come back.

All three of these games that were played are a lot of fun and are available on Papas Games and are a great game for kids, or even adults needing to spare time. The games are available on a Papa’s Games website and are completely free to play.